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Program: Plenary and Parallel Sessions

PDF version of the program HERE

Plenary Session: Monday, December 8, Morning

Time Speaker: Topic Room
8:45WelcomePavilion Ballroom
9:00Virginia Trimble (UCIrvine): A remarkable achievement ... Texas at 45 Pavilion Ballroom
9:45 Shri Kulkarni (Caltech): Gamma Ray Bursts Pavilion Ballroom
10:20Morning Break--
10:50Peter Michelson (Stanford): GLAST/Fermi Pavilion Ballroom
11:25Paul Sommers (Penn State): Pierre Auger ObservatoryPavilion Ballroom

Parallel Session 1: Monday, December 8, Afternoon

Topics: Gamma Ray Bursts / High Energy Cosmic Rays

Session organizers: Fruchter, Soderberg / Blasi, Mostafa

Time Speaker: Topic Room
13:30Andrew MacFadyen (NYU): Advances in GRB Simulations: Magnetic Field Amplification by 3D Relativistic Shear InstabilitiesPavilion Ballroom
13:50Hsiao-Wen Chen (U Chicago): Probing Galaxy Evolution with GRBs Pavilion Ballroom
14:10Joshua Bloom (UC Berkeley): Observational Puzzles on Short-Hard GRBs Pavilion Ballroom
14:30Isabel Leonor (U Oregon): Search for a gravitational-wave counterpart to GRBs using the LIGO and Virgo detectors Pavilion Ballroom
14:50William Lee (UNAM): Formation and evolution of neutrino cooled disks following compact object mergers Pavilion Ballroom
15:10Aurelien Bouvier (Stanford): Recent Results from Fermi/LAT GRB detections Pavilion Ballroom
15:30Afternoon Break--
16:00Roberto Aloisio (INFN): On the theory of UHECRs Pavilion Ballroom
16:20James Matthews (Louisiana State University): The experimental perspective of UHECRs Pavilion Ballroom
16:40Norbert Schartel (ESA): XMM-Newton contributions to Relativistic Astrophysics Pavilion Ballroom
16:55Rezo Shanidze (ECAP, University of Erlangen): The ANTARES neutrino telescope and its first data Pavilion Ballroom
17:10Ingyin Zaw (NYU): Testing the AGN-UHECR Connection Pavilion Ballroom
17:25Daniel Patnaude (CfA, Harvard): The Role of Diffusive Shock Acceleration on Non-Equilibrium Ionization in Supernova Remnants Pavilion Ballroom
17:40Peter Michelson (Stanford): The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope: The First Six Months Pavilion Ballroom
17:55P. Sokolsky (University of Utah): Observation of a Cut-off in the Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Ray Spectrum by the HiRes Collaboration Pavilion Ballroom

Parallel Session 2: Monday, December 8, Afternoon

Topics: CMB polarization / SZ surveys

Session organizers: Hinshaw, Sievers / Dobbs, Halpern

Time Speaker: Topic Room
13:30Dick Bond (CITA): CMB polarization review Junior Ballroom
14:00Paolo Serra (UC Irvine): Clustered Point Sources and the CMB Junior Ballroom
14:20Graziano Rossi (KIAS) : Hunting for non-Gaussianity: Clustering Statistics in the WMAP5 Sky Junior Ballroom
14:40Jonathan Sievers (CITA): B-mode interferometry Junior Ballroom
15:00Edward Wu (Stanford): QUaD Junior Ballroom
15:30Afternoon Break--
16:00Rashid Sunyaev (MPA, Garching): Introduction and Overview Junior Ballroom
16:30Thomas Crawford (University of Chicago/KICP): South Pole Telescope Junior Ballroom
16:50Joseph Fowler (Princeton) : ACT Junior Ballroom
17:10Nils Halverson (University of Colorado): First Science Results from the APEX-SZ Instrument Junior Ballroom
17:25Richard Saunders (Cambridge): Observing Galaxy Clusters with AMI Junior Ballroom
17:40Jack Sayers (JPL): Millimeter-wave Mapping of Massive Galaxy Clusters using the Thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect with Bolocam Junior Ballroom

Plenary Session: Tuesday, December 9, Morning

Time Speaker: Topic Room
9:00 Manuela Campanelli (RIT): Black Hole collisions Pavilion Ballroom
9:45 Sterl Phinney (Caltech): Relativistic Astrophysics with Gravitational WavesPavilion Ballroom
10:20Morning Break--
10:50Henk Hoekstra (Leiden/UVic): Gravitational Lensing Pavilion Ballroom
11:25Wendy Freedman (Carnegie): The cosmological distance scalePavilion Ballroom

Parallel Session 1: Tuesday, December 9, Afternoon

Topics: Black Hole mergers / Electromagnetic signature of Gravity Waves

Session organizers: Shoemaker, Sperhake / Hughes, Schnittmann

Time Speaker: Topic Room
13:30Tomasz Bulik (University of Warsaw): IC10 X-1 as the indication of the black hole binary colaescence rate Pavilion Ballroom
13:45Curt Cutler (Caltech): Non-Gaussianity of LISA's Confusion Background Pavilion Ballroom
14:00Sam Waldmann (MIT): Gravitational Waves with LIGO: Analsysis overview and detector prospects Pavilion Ballroom
14:15Kipp Cannon (Caltech): Searches for Gravitational Waves from Compact Binary Coalescences with LIGO Pavilion Ballroom
14:30Marc Favata (KITP): Gravitational wave memory from the merger and recoil of binary black holes Pavilion Ballroom
14:45Pedro Marronetti (Florida Atlantic University): Calculating the Final Masses and Spins of Black Hole Mergers Pavilion Ballroom
15:00Janna Levin (Columbia): A Periodic Table for Black Hole Orbits Pavilion Ballroom
15:15Dirk Puetzfeld (MPI for Gravitational Physics): The problem of motion and the use of multipolar approximation schemes in gravity Pavilion Ballroom
15:30Afternoon Break--
16:00Bence Kocsis (IAS): On mechanisms by which an electromagnetic counterpart may accompany the merger of black holes Pavilion Ballroom
16:20 Jeremy Schnittman(JHU): Long-lived Electromagnetic Signatures of Black Hole Mergers Pavilion Ballroom
16:40Ryan Lang (MIT): Localization of black hole binaries with gravitational waves Pavilion Ballroom
17:00Stefanie Komossa (MPE, Garching): Observational signatures of, and future searches for massive binary black holes and recoiling black holes Pavilion Ballroom
17:20Samaya Nissanke (CITA): Standard "sirens" for ground-based gravitational-wave detector networks Pavilion Ballroom
17:40Mark Bennett (University of Melbourne): Gravitational waves from pulsar glitches Pavilion Ballroom

Parallel Session 2: Tuesday, December 9, Afternoon

Topics: Gravitational Lensing / Supernovae

Session organisers: Hoekstra, Van Waerbeke / Garnavich, Pritchet

Time Speaker: Topic Room
13:30Matthias Bartelmann (Heidelberg): Gravitational lensing by galaxy clusters and dark-matter halos Junior Ballroom
14:00Brice Menard (CITA): Detection of magnification and dust reddening by galaxies and large-scale structures Junior Ballroom
14:20Marusa Bradac (Stanford): Dark Matter in the "Bullet Cluster" 1E0657-56 and MACSJ0025-1222: Revealing the Invisible with 2 Cosmic Supercolliders Junior Ballroom
14:35Premana Premadi (Bandung Institute of Technology): Gravitational Lensing Signature of a Giant Void in the Direction of the Cold Spot Junior Ballroom
14:50Amitai Bin-Nun (UPenn) : Relativistic Images in RS Gravity as Probe of Quantum GravityJunior Ballroom
15:00James Jee (UC Davis): Weak-lensing study of the galaxy cluster XMMU J2235.3-2557 at Z~1.4: a surprisingly massive galaxy cluster when the universe is at one- third of its current age Junior Ballroom
15:10Mei-Yu Wang (University of Pittsburgh): Utilizing forthcoming weak lensing surveys to constrain dark matter Junior Ballroom
15:20Jounghun Lee (Seoul National University): Information Content in the Galaxy Angular Power Spectrum from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and its Implication on Weak Lensing Analysis Junior Ballroom
15:30Afternoon Break--
16:00Daniel Kasen (UC Santa Cruz): Multi-Dimensional Models and the Diversity of Type Ia Supernovae Junior Ballroom
16:30Julien Guy (University of Paris): SNLS 3rd year dataset : cosmological constraints Junior Ballroom
17:00Alex Conley (University of Toronto) : Cosmological constraints from the 3rd year SNLS Dataset - II Junior Ballroom
17:15Dragan Huterer (University of Michigan): Falsifying Paradigms for Cosmic Acceleration Junior Ballroom
17:45Eric Hsiao (UVic): Spectral templates of Type Ia supernova in the near infrared Junior Ballroom

Plenary Session: Wednesday, December 10, Morning

Time Speaker: Topic Room
9:00 Eiichiro Komatsu (Univ of Austin, Texas): IUPAP Prize Talk: Non-Gaussianity Pavilion Ballroom
9:45Chris Pfrommer (CITA): High-energy astrophysics in galaxy clusters Pavilion Ballroom
10:20Morning Break--
10:50Reinhard Genzel (MPE, Garching): The black hole at the Galactic CentrePavilion Ballroom
11:25Craig Hogan (Fermilab and University of Chicago): What's Wrong with Concordance Cosmology? Pavilion Ballroom

Plenary Session: Thursday, December 11, Morning

Time Speaker: Topic Room
9:00 Clifford Will (Washington U): Testing general relativity: A 30-year retrospective and a view of the future Pavilion Ballroom
9:45 Ingrid Stairs (UBC): The Double PulsarPavilion Ballroom
10:20Morning Break--
10:50Andrew Liddle (U Sussex): Progress in Inflation Pavilion Ballroom
11:25Tom Abel (Stanford): ReionizationPavilion Ballroom

Parallel Session 1: Thursday, December 11, Afternoon

Topics: Inflation / Galaxy Clusters

Session organizers: Easther, Zibin / Ellingson, Evrard

Time Speaker: Topic Room
13:30 Richard Easther(Yale): The Concordance Cosmology and The Inflationary Sector Pavilion Ballroom
13:50John Giblin (Bates College): Gravitational radiation from the decay of Gravitational Black Holes Pavilion Ballroom
14:10Marco Peloso (U of Minnesota): Relics anisotropies from inflation Pavilion Ballroom
14:30Masahide Yamaguchi (Aoyama Gakuin University): Slow-Roll Conditions and Rapid-Roll Conditions for a Non-minimally Coupled Scalar Field Pavilion Ballroom
14:50Zhiqi Huang (CITA): NonGaussianity from preheating Pavilion Ballroom
15:10Hiranya Peiris (Cambridge): Primordial Black Holes, Eternal Inflation, and the Inflationary Parameter Space after WMAP5 Pavilion Ballroom
15:30Afternoon Break--
16:00Alexey Vikhlinin (Harvard): Dark energy constraints from growth of structure: results from the 400^2 X-ray survey Pavilion Ballroom
16:20Peter Eisenhardt (JPL/Caltech): Clusters of Galaxies in the First Half of the Universe from the IRAC Shallow SurveyPavilion Ballroom
16:40Daisuke Nagai (Yale): Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Clusters Pavilion Ballroom
17:00Risa Wechsler (Stanford): The Role of the Galaxy-Halo Connection in Cosmological Constraints from Optically-Selected Clusters Pavilion Ballroom
17:20Jonathan Dursi (CITA): Bubble Wrap for Bullets: The Draping of Cluster Magnetic Fields over Bubbles and Merging Cores Pavilion Ballroom
17:30Dmitry Pogosyan (University of Alberta): The Skeleton of the Cosmic WebPavilion Ballroom
17:40Adam Mantz (Stanford/SLAC): Improved Cosmological Constraints from the Galaxy Cluster X-ray Luminosity FunctionPavilion Ballroom
17:50Brian Gerke (KIPAC/SLAC): Cosmological constraints from the abundance of DEEP2 galaxy groups Pavilion Ballroom

Parallel Session 2: Thursday, December 11, Afternoon

Topics: High-magnetic field Pulsar / Pulsar timing

Session organizers: Heyl, van Kerkwijk / Kaspi, Nice

Time Speaker: Topic Room
13:30David Kaplan (UCSB): Observational review Junior Ballroom
14:00Jeremy Heyl (UBC): Theoretical review Junior Ballroom
14:30Vicky Kaspi (McGill): High Drama in AXPs: Glitches, Outbursts and Flares and their Relationships Junior Ballroom
14:50Scott Ransom (NRAO): Radio Magnetars Junior Ballroom
15:10Ramandeep Gill (UBC): The Birthrate of Magnetars Junior Ballroom
15:30Afternoon Break--
16:00Dick Manchester (CSIRO/ATNF) : Detecting Gravitational Waves with Pulsar Timing Junior Ballroom
16:20Joel Weisberg (Carleton College) : Relativistic Timing and Profile Analyses of the First Binary Pulsar B1913+16Junior Ballroom
16:40Scott Ransom (NRAO) : Millisecond Pulsars in Crowded PlacesJunior Ballroom
16:55Anne Archibald (McGill) : A New Millisecond Pulsar Junior Ballroom
17:05Paulo Freire (NAIC/WVU) : Measuring the mass of the millisecond pulsar PSR J1903+0327 Junior Ballroom
17:20Sharon Morsink (Univ. Alberta) : Neutron Star Equation of State Constraints from Accreting Millisecond X-ray Pulsars Junior Ballroom
17:35Aous Abdo (NRL) : Observations of the Supernova Remnant CTA1 Using the LAT on the Fermi Gamma-ray Space TelescopeJunior Ballroom
17:50Kent Wood (NRL) : Early Fermi-LAT Results on Galactic SourcesJunior Ballroom

Conference Dinner at Sheraton Wall Center

The conference dinner is Thursday, December 11 at 7:30pm in the Pavilion Ballroom of the Sheraton Wall Centre. All participants will receive an invitation in their registration package and will be asked to select their menu choice at the time of registration.

Plenary Session: Friday, December 12, Morning

Time Speaker: Topic Room
9:00 Sean Carroll (Caltech): Dark Energy Pavilion Ballroom
9:45 Jonathan Feng (UCIrvine): Dark Matter Candidates and SignalsPavilion Ballroom
10:20Morning Break--
10:50Philip Hopkins (Harvard, CfA): Galaxy formation, black holes and AGN Pavilion Ballroom
11:25Lawrence Krauss (ASU): The Future of the Universe and the future of CosmologyPavilion Ballroom

Parallel Session 1: Friday, December 12, Afternoon

Topics: Dark Matter / Dark Energy

Session organizers: Schnee, Sigurdson / Moss, Pogosian

Time Speaker: Topic Room
13:30Dan McKinsey (Yale): Direct Dark Matter Detection with Noble Liquids Pavilion Ballroom
13:50Sunil Golwala (Caltech): Direct Dark Matter Detection with Cryogenic, Directional, and Threshold Detectors Pavilion Ballroom
14:15Per Carlson (KTH, Stockholm): PAMELA - an experiment searching for dark matter with cosmic antiparticles Pavilion Ballroom
14:35Doug Finkbeiner (Harvard): A Theory of Dark Matter: PAMELA positrons and a new force in the dark sector Pavilion Ballroom
14:55Stefano Profumo: Dark Matter Searches in the Fermi Era Pavilion Ballroom
15:15Elliott Bloom (KIPAC-SLAC, Stanford): Update on Dark Matter Searches with Fermi LAT Pavilion Ballroom
15:30Afternoon Break--
16:00Rocky Kolb (UChicago): The w(z) figure of merit and JDEM Pavilion Ballroom
16:20Devdeep Sarkar (UC Irvine): Theoretical Uncertainties in Dark Energy MeasurementsPavilion Ballroom
16:35Scott Daniel(Dartmouth College): Large Scale Structure as Probe of Gravitational Slip Pavilion Ballroom
16:50Fabian Schmidt (University of Chicago): N-body simulation of structure formation in f(R) models Pavilion Ballroom
17:10Andrei Frolov (SFU): A Singularity problem with f(R) Dark EnergyPavilion Ballroom
17:30Jim Zibin (UBC): Can we avoid Dark Energy?Pavilion Ballroom
17:45Hongbao Zhang (Perimeter Institute): Test of the Copernican principle by cosmic neutrino background Pavilion Ballroom

Parallel Session 2: Friday, December 12, Afternoon

Topics: Horizons / Black Holes in AGNs

Session organizers: Unruh, Weinfurtner / Dunlop, Nandra

Time Speaker: Topic Room
13:30Bill Unruh (UBC): Introduction to the session and general remarks on the physics of horizonsJunior Ballroom
13:50Patrick Hayden : Black holes as mirrors Junior Ballroom
14:10Alejandro Corichi: Black holes and entropy in loop quantum gravity Junior Ballroom
14:30Piyush Jain: The quantum de Laval Nozzle: sonic horizons from emergent spacetimes Junior Ballroom
14:50Federico Urban (UBC): The cosmological constant as a manifestation of the conformal anomaly Junior Ballroom
15:10Sarp Akcay (University of Texas): Doing physics in Kerr-de Sitter Universe Junior Ballroom
15:30Afternoon Break--
16:00Marta Volonteri (Michigan): The formation and evolution of massive black holes Junior Ballroom
16:20Darren Croton (Swinburne): Quasars as probes of high-redshift galaxy formation Junior Ballroom
16:40Jong-Hak Woo (UCLA): Environmental dependence of AGN activity in the present-day universe Junior Ballroom
16:55Andreas Eckart (Cologne): Variable Emission from SgrA*: Multi frequency observations and modeling results Junior Ballroom
17:10Laura Brenneman (ORAU; NASA/GSFC): Constraining Black Hole Spin in Seyfert 1 AGN with Suzaku Junior Ballroom
17:30Scott Noble (Johns Hopkins): The Radiative Efficiency of Thin Accretion Disks Junior Ballroom
17:45Luigi Gallo (St. Mary's): The X-ray properties of narrow-line Seyfert 1s Junior Ballroom


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